This summer we were lucky enough to come across SWIM DEEP at Reading Festival who gave out free posters to all their fans and signed them! The picture of me with the band above was featured on the NME website a week after the festival.



WAY OUT MUSIC Meets… SLAVES and Youth Blood!

Heres a picture of me with YOUTHBLOOD and SLAVES who played Reading and Leeds Festival Summer 2013! Theres always room on this Wall Of Fame for hard working new bands like these punks.

WAY OUT MUSIC Meets … Marc Mac from 4 Hero!

WAY OUT MUSIC Meets ... Marc Mac from 4 Hero!

Yes ladies and gentlemen this is me and CJ Dread with breakbeat hardcore and drum and bass pioneer Marc Mac! Marc came into Kane FM for an interview on the Boom and Bass show and kindly brought each of the crew a copy of his new album. Pretty exciting when you consider his previous album ‘Parallel Universe’ won NME Album of The Year! So he gets a rightful place on the Wall Of Fame!

WAY OUT MUSIC Meets… Fred Macpherson from SPECTOR!


Recently caught up with Spector at their packed out gig at Escape, Margate. Such a fantastic show as you’d expect from these well dressed indie rockers. Fred was kind enough to stop for a chat before the show so he earns his well deserved place on my Wall Of Fame! (Me- Left, Fred – Centre, Jess – Right )

Heres a link to a playlist of Spector’s top tracks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFCS2ah2xFg&feature=share&list=ALYL4kY05133oppl5GOBe_qN_tPI57JOzp

HARDOUTHERE – Lily Allen: has she turned to writing feminist anthems?

I was nearly in tears at this video it’s just so witty and clever as you’d expect from Lily! But it really feels like she’s taken her songwriting to yet another level, this time taking a bite out of the sexist music industry and highlighting how it portrays women as objects. The song is important because it’s asking young girls to think about how they are portrayed and who their ‘heroes’ are. Yet, unlike many feminist anthems it’s more likely that young people will listen to HARDOUTHERE as its catchy and glittering with pop success. Have a listen!

The Courteeners: No They didn’t? Yes they did.

You’ve got to love a bit of The Courteeners, I remember buying their first album in Woolworth’s and falling in love with it when I worked in a hairdressers at 15, it made the older girls think I was cool too which was a win. Check out this new video, upbeat indie with a deeper twist in the lyrics.