Marc Mac from 4-Hero: One Off Exclusive Interview!

Marc Mac from 4-Hero: One Off Exclusive Interview!

Recently on Kane FM we were honoured and privileged to be in the studio interviewing the illusive Marc Mac of 4Hero. Why was it such a privilege you ask? Perhaps because despite Marc being one of the early pioneers of breakbeat hardcore and drum and bass music since 1989 and having an NME Album of The Year with ‘Parallel Universe’, he has remained infamous, only doing one other interview in his career!
Marc contacted Kane FM and expressed his interest in coming on the Boom and Bass Show exclusively as he would only be interviewed by our very own CJ Dread, who has forged his reputation as a popular underground interviewer.
Even though Marc is an accomplished, talented and successful artist, I found him to be a very humble person, who gave an enlightening interview.

Listen here:

He also brought in lots of goodies such as books, CD’s and Vinyl’s to give away to listeners in up coming competitions! Check out for further details!

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