Topper Headon signed my Clash LP :)

Recently I was lucky enough to get my original Clash LP signed by Topper Headon, drummer from The Clash and genius who wrote ‘Rock The CASBA’!

… a drummer friend of mine, Jay, happens to know Topper and was arranging to meet up with him so he told me if I wanted any memorabilia signed to give it to him. My dad has all the Clash stuff from the 70’s and 80’s so I said I’d get it signed for him. But when I got the vinyl back from Jay and read the message scrawled across the front cover by Topper he’d written ‘to Paula’ (my name) instead of Paul, my dad’s name! I said he was gunna kill me and he nearly did. But I was pleased! And so the album became mine, because Topper said so. He also gave me a great book from his personal collection ‘passion is a fashion’ and said that it was the best book he’d ever read on The Clash. Worth a read for any of you music book worms and Clash fans!

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