Undercover Festival

Last month I was backstage at Undercover Festival doing interviews with punk bands for my radio show on Kane FM. I was with my fellow DJ’s Squeaky Clean and CJ Dread who are a couple of Reggae loving Rastas who knew sod all about the punk bands we were interviewing. We ended up hanging out with the Skints, Cockney Reject, On Trial UK, 999, New Town Kings and Maid of Ace.

First up for an interview was Nick, legendary punk and lead singer of 999. When we grabbed him he was just about to tuck into a sandwich and a can of brew which he left on the table as we started chatting. Half way through the interview I went to hand him his beer but CJ thought I’d handed it to him and took it off me. Whilst interviewing Nick he just sat there drinking his can in front of him not realising. So I had to replace Nicks beer with a whiskey to keep things cool. He completely forgot about his sandwich though and I found it under the table when he’d gone. As I was pretty pissed I pulled out the sandwich in front of maid of ace and new town kings and declared ‘This is the official 999 sandwich and if you don’t eat it your not f**king punk!!’ So there was a mesh of about 20 different band members backstage fighting over the punk sandwich. Then Nick walks back in and says has anyone seen my sandwich? I just shook my head and gave him a cuddle. No one said a word.Image

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