Howard Marks Exclusive Review ‘SCHOLAR, SMUGGLER, PRISONER, SCRIBE’

Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing Howard Marks perform ‘SCHOLAR, SMUGGLER, PRISONER, SCRIBE’ and meeting Howard and his son after the show. The evening was held at Sub 89, Reading and I was drinking Heineken.

The show began with 3 large screens presenting us with a montage recapping Howard’s greatest moments in life including a lot of pictures of him with rock stars, countless TV appearances and some news footage of his arrest. He walked on stage at 8.30pm to a great applause with no support act necessary. Howard did a lot of chatting, some stand up comedy and storytelling as well as a reading from his best selling book ‘Mr Nice’. He had a natural charisma about him which kept the crowd laughing and eating out of the palm of his hand for a good couple of hours. My favourite moment was when he confessed that during his time in prison he’d taught a young man called Christopher, who later became known as Notorious B.I.G!

After the show I stopped to catch up with Mr Marks and say thanks for the show. He was very charming and pleasant, really giving his fans the time of day.

I bought a copy of his book ‘Dope Stories’ which he signed ‘To Paula, lovely to meet you, keep smoking, Howard Marks’.

I curiously asked him if he was really arrested after he put his foot though a nail during a party at Oxford University (as it had happened in the film) he told me no, actually they had condensed a lot of events for the sake of the film and although the nail did go through his foot at the party, he had his finals the next day. He wasn’t arrested till much later.

Overall I had a fantastic time and would recommend the books to any dope smokers out there and the live shows to anyone who fancies a bit of a different night out!