Gogol Bordello @ Brixton Academy


On Friday night I headed up to Brixton Academy to see the amazing Gypsy Punk Revolution that is Gogol Bordello! This was my fourth time seeing them, the last time being at RAGEFACTOR in Finsbury Park (2010) and as ever they were fantastic. They played a mesh of all six albums and seemed to have a relentless energy about them as they danced and ran all over the stage for two hours. Front man Eugene Hutz sloshed three bottles of red wine over the crowd and down his neck throughout the set, whist slamming his guitar and singing every song with an intense vigor, showing modern bands how its done. The songs of the night for me were ‘The Other Side Of The Rainbow’, ‘Amen’ and ‘It Is The Way You Name Your Ship’.

If you haven’t heard of Gogol Bordello before, check out the song ‘Start Wearing Purple’ and go see them live – you really haven’t lived until you’ve seen this punk gypsy dancing circus live!


(Looks like Noel Gallagher sneaked into this photo)


Peace @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Well this is the third time I’ve seen Peace this year and this time it was FREE because Art’s Cool Margate gave me two free tickets! I had a brilliant night and really noticed a big difference in the bands tightness and playing ability since coming off of their global tour this year. PEACE were supported by SUPERFOOD and DRENGE, two fantastic bands in their own right. There is something really exciting about the quality of bands coming out at the moment. The days where you turn up late to a gig to miss the crappy support bands is OVER. Get there when the doors open because you will be dancing all night.

The set that PEACE put on was near perfection, all the best stuff from their debut album as well as some new songs from the album they’re currently working on. But what I loved the most was that they played songs from their debut EP like ‘Bloodshake’ and even ‘1998’ which are two brilliantly written songs that many new fans don’t even know exist!

The stage set up was really professional and well thought out. It was covered in huge silver spot lights that beamed the peace symbol at the audience in a batman kind of way. At the end of the show Peace came back on for an encore and performed a great cover of ‘Last Christmas’ whilst confetti rained down on the indie crowd. It was a surreal moment where thousands of 90’s kids were all in the same room – band T-shirts and converse alike – singing a song that you would more likely associate with their parents, but it just worked. I left buzzing and had that fuzzy Christmas feeling inside I hadn’t felt in years.


BLOUSE and XYLAROO @ Ramsgate Music Hall

ImageRecently I was fortunate enough to catch two fantastic new bands Xylaroo (UK. Avant Garde) and Blouse (US. Indie, Alternative) play at Ramsgate Music Hall, UK.

As the venue packed out Xylaroo guitarist and DJ took to the stage and announced that two of their members were missing and that they’d be playing a stripped down set…. I don’t think anyone in that room would describe that set as ‘stripped down’, more so their music filled the air with a sonic mist of mixed sounds and atmosphere.

They had a really interesting and unique stage presence and feel to their music which although may have been a little too far out for some, inspired a certain curiosity that kept people watching. I really enjoyed them and felt that their set got better and better as it progressed over the half hour slot.

Next on were headliners Blouse who are also a very atmospheric and intense band, but in a completely different way. Lead singer Charlie Hilton had the crowd in the palm of her hand from the first song with her serious yet charming stage presence as everyone hushed with complete focus on the stage. The band were seriously tight and quite experimental in their use of effects, a pleasure to watch from a musicians vantage as well as a great band for a punter to enjoy a dance to!

Best songs: ‘Into Black’ and ‘Imperium’.

Have a listen to their stuff: www.blouseblouse.com


We <3 Ramsgate Music Hall


Recently WAY OUT MUSIC were tipped off about a certain new venue which has just opened in the British seaside town of Ramsgate. A couple of weeks ago I was meaning to go check it out and I happened to be listening to a band called Blouse at the time when a friend called and said BLOUSE were playing at RMH for £1 and he’d bought me a ticket! What are the odds of them stopping in Ramsgate to play a gig for £1 entry considering this band are from Portland, OR and have over 25,000 Facebook likes?! I have no idea but the owners of this venue are clearly geniuses. Needless to say I had a great night. Gorgeous venue, great bands and super friendly staff, BLOUSE were amazing too!

Check them out:

Already playing host to Allo Darlin’, Blouse and Sweet Baboo whilst drinks are reasonable and you pay a pittance on the door, RMH is putting other local venues to shame.


Punk Release: On Trial UK – Neuro Law

Punk Release: On Trial UK - Neuro Law

On Trial UK have been on the punk scene since 2008 and have played a host of festivals including Rebellion, Undercover and Gosport Punkfest. They’ve released two albums all off of their own back, first ‘Crack In A Box’ (2010) and now in 2013 ‘Neuro Law’. This new album which has already received a great review in Vive Le Rock magazine is a roller coaster of punk fury, party sing alongs and self confessions from front man Jonny Wah Wah. The bands DIY ethos is represented by their free thinking lyrics, self made videos and art work and of course their hard and fast punk. This album is perfect for chanting drunkenly in a pub, no wonder they’re doing so well on the UK festival circuit. Listen to ‘Hey Psycho’ and ‘Hero In Trouble’. http://www.facebook.com/Ontrialuk



THATS RIGHT! There’s a brand new Festival heading to Margate Sea Front this December called UPSIDE DOWN and it features some of the best new artists of this year including SLAVES, ROUGH COMFORTS & SKINNY DREAM. Upside Down has been put together by a determined young man called Sammy Clarke alongside his small army of local music fans who together have been promoting, flyering, booking and designing every aspect of this unique one day event set to bring back some excitement to the local scene.

If you thought the days of loosing yourself to underground bands in a crowd full of like minded people died in the 90’s, think again. These bands bring an atmosphere you can’t help but get excited about. Look out for Two Bit Sister and Doctorates who have both been tearing up the rule book with their cutting edge indie this year. If you want to keep up to date with a plethora of todays most relevant artists you won’t be missing this.

Festival Tickets: Only £15 for the day! http://www.wegottickets.com/event/249712

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/603654326337040