BLOUSE and XYLAROO @ Ramsgate Music Hall

ImageRecently I was fortunate enough to catch two fantastic new bands Xylaroo (UK. Avant Garde) and Blouse (US. Indie, Alternative) play at Ramsgate Music Hall, UK.

As the venue packed out Xylaroo guitarist and DJ took to the stage and announced that two of their members were missing and that they’d be playing a stripped down set…. I don’t think anyone in that room would describe that set as ‘stripped down’, more so their music filled the air with a sonic mist of mixed sounds and atmosphere.

They had a really interesting and unique stage presence and feel to their music which although may have been a little too far out for some, inspired a certain curiosity that kept people watching. I really enjoyed them and felt that their set got better and better as it progressed over the half hour slot.

Next on were headliners Blouse who are also a very atmospheric and intense band, but in a completely different way. Lead singer Charlie Hilton had the crowd in the palm of her hand from the first song with her serious yet charming stage presence as everyone hushed with complete focus on the stage. The band were seriously tight and quite experimental in their use of effects, a pleasure to watch from a musicians vantage as well as a great band for a punter to enjoy a dance to!

Best songs: ‘Into Black’ and ‘Imperium’.

Have a listen to their stuff:


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