Gogol Bordello @ Brixton Academy


On Friday night I headed up to Brixton Academy to see the amazing Gypsy Punk Revolution that is Gogol Bordello! This was my fourth time seeing them, the last time being at RAGEFACTOR in Finsbury Park (2010) and as ever they were fantastic. They played a mesh of all six albums and seemed to have a relentless energy about them as they danced and ran all over the stage for two hours. Front man Eugene Hutz sloshed three bottles of red wine over the crowd and down his neck throughout the set, whist slamming his guitar and singing every song with an intense vigor, showing modern bands how its done. The songs of the night for me were ‘The Other Side Of The Rainbow’, ‘Amen’ and ‘It Is The Way You Name Your Ship’.

If you haven’t heard of Gogol Bordello before, check out the song ‘Start Wearing Purple’ and go see them live – you really haven’t lived until you’ve seen this punk gypsy dancing circus live!


(Looks like Noel Gallagher sneaked into this photo)


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