Peace @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Well this is the third time I’ve seen Peace this year and this time it was FREE because Art’s Cool Margate gave me two free tickets! I had a brilliant night and really noticed a big difference in the bands tightness and playing ability since coming off of their global tour this year. PEACE were supported by SUPERFOOD and DRENGE, two fantastic bands in their own right. There is something really exciting about the quality of bands coming out at the moment. The days where you turn up late to a gig to miss the crappy support bands is OVER. Get there when the doors open because you will be dancing all night.

The set that PEACE put on was near perfection, all the best stuff from their debut album as well as some new songs from the album they’re currently working on. But what I loved the most was that they played songs from their debut EP like ‘Bloodshake’ and even ‘1998’ which are two brilliantly written songs that many new fans don’t even know exist!

The stage set up was really professional and well thought out. It was covered in huge silver spot lights that beamed the peace symbol at the audience in a batman kind of way. At the end of the show Peace came back on for an encore and performed a great cover of ‘Last Christmas’ whilst confetti rained down on the indie crowd. It was a surreal moment where thousands of 90’s kids were all in the same room – band T-shirts and converse alike – singing a song that you would more likely associate with their parents, but it just worked. I left buzzing and had that fuzzy Christmas feeling inside I hadn’t felt in years.


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