Punk Release: On Trial UK – Neuro Law

Punk Release: On Trial UK - Neuro Law

On Trial UK have been on the punk scene since 2008 and have played a host of festivals including Rebellion, Undercover and Gosport Punkfest. They’ve released two albums all off of their own back, first ‘Crack In A Box’ (2010) and now in 2013 ‘Neuro Law’. This new album which has already received a great review in Vive Le Rock magazine is a roller coaster of punk fury, party sing alongs and self confessions from front man Jonny Wah Wah. The bands DIY ethos is represented by their free thinking lyrics, self made videos and art work and of course their hard and fast punk. This album is perfect for chanting drunkenly in a pub, no wonder they’re doing so well on the UK festival circuit. Listen to ‘Hey Psycho’ and ‘Hero In Trouble’. http://www.facebook.com/Ontrialuk