Circa Waves ‘Stuck in My Teeth’

‘Stuck In My Teeth’ is like the release of all the pent up honesty and excitement of a love struck boy next door exploding into your eardrums. Lead singer Kieran Shudall tells of the afflictions of chasing an unattainable love whilst the band shred through three minutes of reckless guitar pop, not dissimilar to Vampire Weekend.

The 4-piece from Liverpool must be doing something right, having already wracked up over 50,000 plays on sound cloud and 30,000 views of their DIY music video on YouTube. If they plan to keep up this level of exhilarating song writing, 2014 looks to be a good year for these likely lads.


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The Klaxons ‘There Is No Other Time’



‘There Is No Other Time’ is the first single of the forthcoming third album of new rave indie rockers, Klaxons. Initially you may think you’re listening to a new release from Ellie Goulding, as singer Jamie Reynolds softly oohs over a pulsing dance synth. But despite the song initially sounding nothing like their previous work, the chorus kicks in with charming harmonies that are unmistakeably Klaxons.

Produced by Gorgon City, this upbeat, feel-good disco track seems set for the club scene. With its effortless lyrics and formulaic structure, ‘There Is No Other Time’ is a seamless pop song, but unfortunately nothing on their former pioneering work.

The Kooks to play Free Show Tonight!

The Kooks to play Free Show Tonight!

The Kooks are to play a free gig in London tonight.

The band announced on Twitter that they will appear at The Cow pub near Royal Oak at 9pm.

Ages and Ages – ‘I see More’


Ages and Ages bite back at the world with their grass roots bedroom rock. ‘’I See More’, the second single taken from their heartening new album ‘Divisionary’, delivers the weightlessness of youth amid insightful lyrics spun by band leader Tim Perry.

Scrappy guitars and seven part harmonies give ‘I See More’ all the excitement of the bands hippy and gospel influences whilst paying homage to their roots in Portland, Oregon. The sing-along sensibility of the song carries a sense of ’no money fun’ that places it somewhere between the world of Huckleberry Finn and Wayne’s World.

Point Of View…

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Schultz & Forever – POV

‘POV’ is a wave of 60’s psych affirming that bedroom project ‘Schultz & Forever’ has come a long way from the folky first EP ‘Odd Stories’.

On first listen, the trippy synth pop and warbling lead vocal sounds like an attempt at ‘Whale-song Psychedelia’ from a Casio keyboard club. But beyond the dreamy synth, which lends itself to Tame Impala and The Horrors, Schultz & Forever gesture a ‘coming of age’ attitude with the lyric ‘Making my point of view’.

The laid-back guitar soloing and beach-like mellowness of ‘POV’ makes for a faraway listening experience.

Take a Sky Ride with Tweak Bird

So I’ve moved into a new flat and on Sunday we decided to have a little house warming. Next day I’ve dragged myself into uni, feeling wobbly, hoping not to bump into anyone I know. I sit down in the library because I have to finish my dissertation. Being as quiet as possible I set myself up and open my laptop. What happens next? This song comes blasting out of it and the computer crashes and won’t go off, everyones laughing and some boys sat opposite me start dancing and singing along. I am mortified. So whoever put this on YouTube on Sunday night and left my laptop to die, thanks. I will never forget this song.