Courtney Love @ Shepherds Bush Empire


I wasn’t sure what to expect in regards to the set list since she has only one solo album (which Courtney herself says is crap) but the release of two new songs this month and rumours of a Hole reunion suggested that whether its mostly Hole songs and a couple of songs from 2004 album America’s Sweetheart or a album’s worth of new material it was going to be a must-see because even though it’s been fairly quiet over at camp Courtney (well, as quiet as she can be with a filthy mouth and a twitter account) we certainly do all still know her name.

We were mostly treated to classic Hole hits including Plump, Malibu, Doll Parts and Miss World. New songs You Know My Name and Wedding Day fit comfortably into the set. The set list was abandoned by Courtney half way through and with two guitarists backing her up She didn’t need to play guitar at all for a lot of songs, She occupied herself instead with interacting with her loyal fans and getting caught in her microphone lead. Her vocals were impressively spot on and she couldn’t have done a better job even 20 years ago.

From the second level balcony I had a pretty good view of everyone losing their shit like it was 1994, I’m not going to lie, I lost a bit of mine too and I don’t want it back. Courtney Love is still the girl with the most cake and she bloody knows it.

By Charles Tolfree

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