To celebrate last weekend’s release of the Second independent Noise_Dolls zine (limited to 100 copies and available at selected shows) featuring:
-Design and cover artwork by Hukurou Illustration
-Featured artists: Paul Scheruebel Charles Tolfree & John Carney
-Featured designer: Yu Hiraoka
-Interview with Smuggler Records
-Interview with Benjin
-Interview with Art’s Cool/ Cornershop POP
-A quick look at some awesome music in ‘Band Round Up’

Here is an interview with Joe….

Give us an introduction, who is involved in Noise Dolls?
Hello guys! Thanks for taking the time to chat to me. I’m very flattered. Strictly it is just me. I used to run it with some friends who are into DJing – Cal Harris & Peter dexter but they have since moved onto greener pastures. I’ve worked with some great people over the years. My current team is fantastic! Hukuro illustration does most of the art-work and I have some great regular authors for the Zine. The guys over at No-Wave are always up for getting involved in loads of stuff too. I’ve worked with tons of great musicians over the years too! Blessed

Tell us a bit about the events you have put on like the micro-festivals?
The micro-festivals came about as the shows started to get bigger. We wanted to do all-dayers but found that term didn’t go over too well in the area. We also wanted to emphasise other areas within the shows. These included: sound art installations, distros, market stalls, zines, multimedia visuals, spoken word, film screenings etc… All sorts really! I’d been going to loads of ATP events and hardcore punk all dayers in London. I was proper impressed by all the little cool flourishes they were doing. I think I wanted to emulate that.

The local music scene seems to be picking up in terms of events at the moment, there is a lot of regular open mic nights going on and gigs in interesting venues like the Tom Thumb, the recent gig at Bugsy’s bowling alley by Art’s Cool and all day micro festivals are popping up every few months but the attendance and still be quite hit and miss, what are your thoughts on that?
Yeah it’s good news! Great to see! The locals have been suffering themed disco nights for too long! Time for some culture! I am very glad! I love what Sammy is doing with on margate sounds and Art’s cool. Hes a great guy and a total natural at what hes doing! All he needs it a rival in the area and shit will get huge! Smugglers are always doing great work in the area too! I’d like to see more from them. Fingers crossed the No-Wave guys will come down to the area at some point too! The Ramsgate music hall and caboose also seem to be doing some interesting shows.

There is also a lot of merging creativity – live music with spoken word performances between bands, stalls in the corner with zine distros and artwork – do you think this could be the way forward in terms of getting new people to attend and see and hear things they usually wouldn ‘t go to see and networking artists across all platforms?
Yes I’ve always felt that is the right way to go. I like Inclusion over exclusivity and I like variety.

Your zines and mixtapes are going down a storm, zines have become very popular again in the last couple of years, theres a lot more distro going on at gigs and events now than there were a few years ago, considering the way that it is so easy to communicate zine content digitally, why do you think paper zines are still going strong?
Like anything else creative formats go through flux. Self-publishing is a great thing. I think widely this kind of stuff tends gets better in quality and becomes more plentiful in times of economic downturn. More specifically to the Thanet region the local culture has always consistently generated surprisingly good quality, independent thinking creatives. This stuff has always been there in varying forms but there is growing interest from local people towards this particular area. The dwindling interest in disco clubs has also helped greatly.

Why do you think the cassette tape has made a sudden comeback in the past couple of years?
An element of retro-chic and I believe there is only a finite amount left. I don’t consider myself informed enough on the subject to have a strong view. However, I can hazard a guess that it is in part due to the popularity of the format in the east London music scenes – particularly hardcore punk and the low manufacturing cost.

What can we expect from you in 2014? Any more gigs or will you be sticking with the distro and supporting bands in other ways?
We have some big festival announcement coming up. The next zine is being made at the moment. There may be another mixtape and EP release later this year. We don’t have any of our own gigs planned currently.

Can you recommend some Kent based bands to watch out for this year?
I can go one better here is a bunch of cool shit that’s going on all over!

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Paul Scheruebel Illustration, Yu Hiraoka Design, Frida Art, Minefield Photography


– By Charles Tolfree

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