Album Review: The Horrors – ‘Luminous’

Album Review: The Horrors - 'Luminous'

(XL Records)

The Horror’s deliver an intoxicating triumph of a fourth album with ‘Luminous’ after fifteen months in the studio.
Eight years into their career, The Horrors have meticulously written perhaps their pinnacle psychedelic masterwork. When the gothic five-piece arrived in 2006, their gritty, adolescent guitar rock dazed and excited us yet felt in some ways, underdeveloped.
Since, the band have progressed to a tangible level of success with the albums ‘Primary Colours’ (2009) and ‘Skying’ (2011) which have seen them appearing on major festival bills and performing multiple sell out headline tours across the UK. In 2014, this deeply profound album ‘Luminous’ delivers proof of the bands developed song writing abilities.
Each song is clearly laboured over, with some wearing their influences on their sleeve more then others. The lead single ‘I See You’ strikes you as The Horrors attempt at The Who’s ‘Pinball Wizard’ with modern synthesizers, whilst the laid back trippiness of ‘So Now You Know’ lends itself to the influence of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

The psych revivalists reinforce their presence as one of the few great modern guitar bands around with tracks like ‘Chasing Shadows’ and ‘Jealous Sun’. The more controversial song ‘Sleepwalk’, far from being as some put it, ‘tagged on’, is a cleverly written grower of a track which improves with each listen.

Luminous is a cleverly put together bohemian journey of an album, which proves The Horrors to be a relevant and important British band.

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