Album Review: Tim Timebomb – “Tim Timebob And Friends”

Rancid legend bares all in rough punk mix tape
Rating 8/10

Since October 29th 2012, Tim Timebomb released a digital single every day for over 300 days via YouTube. Originally labelled Tim’s “MIXTAPES” and later released on iTunes, their popularity with fans proved many of the songs worthy of a physical release. Now compiled into a three disc, 36-track album, ‘Tim Timebomb And Friends’ is a showcase of what he and his friends have been writing and recording over the past two years.

Dropping the concept style of ‘Rock’N’Roll Theatre’, this new album is effortlessly raw and well-written, with the same punk sense of humour we expect from Timebomb. Slimming down his abundant back catalogue, Tim has returned with feel good party songs like ‘Honor Is All We Know’ and ‘Just For Tonight’ alongside no money fun sing along’s like ‘She’s Drunk All The Time’ and ‘Adalida’, proving Timebomb never looses touch with what makes a great punk song.

The album also features a plethora of covers from Psychotic Pineapple’s ‘Gonna Get Rid of You’ to Bryan Adams ‘Summer Of ’69 (Vast improvement on the original) and classics like Bad Manner’s ‘Lip Up Fatty’, which have to be heard to be believed.

Tim shows no sign of slowing down in his ability to write and perform timeless punk and ska songs on this unique collection of collaborations and covers. Although many of the songs are covered by Tim, and not written by him, he still gives us just enough new material to know he still has it. Rancid fans will be chanting anthems like ‘Change That Song Mr. DJ’ for years to come.

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