Blondie – Ghosts of Download

Blondie - Ghosts of Download

Celebrated New Wave 80’s Rockers Take An Experimental Turn
(Caroline International US)

Debbie Harry and band return to the limelight with their 10th studio album ‘Ghosts of Download,’ over a quarter of a century after their debut. Featuring elements of reggae, power pop and world music, Blondie have stepped away from expectation, abandoning their new wave roots.
Being one of the most influential bands of their generation and one of the more successful bands from the punk and new wave scene, Blondie have surprised fans by releasing 13 tracks of new material as part of a two-disc greatest hits package ‘Blondie 4(0) Ever with Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits’. The album features a host of collaborations with artists such as Miss Guy, a downtown New York City club fixture, Columbian hip-hop and R&B group Systema Solar and Oakland–based Panamanian rappers Los Rakas.

Despite the undoubted effort from Blondie, this fairly unambitious release features a range of synth heavy songs giving it an evident retro feel which would sit comfortable on the Heart or Academy FM drive time playlist. Rather then breaking any barriers, the band have played it safe, with once feisty ex-Playboy Bunny Debbie Harry singing carefully over the 2-D pop of ‘Take It Back’ and laid back ‘I Wanna Drag You Around’. Ranging from the world music influenced ‘Sugar On The Side’ to the Lady Gaga-esk hyper pop of ‘A Rose By Any Name’, the album feels overtly over influenced with a lack of personal inspiration from the band.

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