Marcus Hook Roll Band – ‘Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy’

Marcus Hook Roll Band - 'Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy'

Marcus Hook Roll Band is a project created by Vanda & Young, who started out in London. Later down the line the band moved to Australia and the pre-ACDC Angus and Malcolm Young got involved.  Working under the watchful production of George Young and Harry Vanda who later developed ACDC to world-wide success, Tales Of Old Grand Daddy was recorded. Although a particularly clean sounding record, lacking ACDC’s later developed gruffness, the guitars heavy blues style on some of the tracks, like Red Revolution and Quick Reaction, pose an early hint at Highway To Hell. Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy was originally released in 1973 on the Australian pub rock scene and features a prominent rock and roll style, though this sits benevolently alongside a soul and funk influence (and a whole lot of saxophone). However, tracks like ‘Cry For Me’ and ‘One Of These Days’ display softer ballad style of writing which lends itself to a possible Beatles influence. Over two decades later, ‘Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy’ sounds surprisingly virtuous and worthy of a place in the record collection.


* Thanks to furrball for your knowledge on this one 😉

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  1. Did you do your research? MHRB was a Vanda & Young project, started in London. Malcolm and (to a lesser extent) Angus didn’t get on board until V&Y’s move back to Sydney, and the album proper. So to call this Malcolm and Angus’s brainchild is not only inaccurate, it’s just plain WRONG!!!


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