10 facts about one of the most notorious and influential English rock bands from Liverpool.

1. Over ten years ago Bill Drummond summed up Echo and the Bunnymen’s career as “Lies, deceit, hatred, hotel floors, cocaine dealers, transit vans, acid trips, broken amplifiers, American girls, service stations, loss of innocence, corrupt road crews, missed opportunities, vanity, broken promises, shit gigs, bad sex, crap mixes, late VAT returns, petulance, incompetence, petty rivalry and Pete de Freitas dying.”

2. Their debut single, “Rescue”, reached No.62 in the UK charts whilst the album broke into the Top 20 at No. 17, following critical acclaim.

3. Drummer De Freitas shared a flat with guitarist Will Sergeant and bassist Les Pattinson

4. Former Colenso Parade singer Oscar turned down an offer to take over from McCulloch after he left the band when De Freitas tragically died in a motorbike accident at 27.

5. Vocalist Noel Burke and drummer Damon Reece were recruited by Pattinson and Sergeant to replace De Freitas and McCulloch in the band, they had previously been in St. Vitus Dance.

6. In 2002 EATBM won a Q Inspiration award for inspiring “new generations of musicians, songs and music lovers”. The band were said to be worthy winners because they have done so much to promote the Mersey music scene.

7. Ian McCulloch returned his copy of Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed to the record store claiming parts of the record were made of wood.

8. When they formed in 1978 they played with a drum machine for two years before drummer Pete De Freitas joined (1980)

9. The band have been signed to 7 labels and released 12 albums in total. (Labels: Cooking Vinyl, Euphoric, Warner Bros, Zoo, Sire, Ocean Rain London)

10. Ian McCulloch accidentally took heroine once. “I’ve never even taken it. Actually, I may taken it once . . . yeah . . . in Germany! I got caught short with a load of scag heads there and inadvertently took it. Can’t remember much about it though.”

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