WAY OUT MUSIC Meets Max K Design!

Recently WAY OUT tracked down Max K Design to talk about his art which goes hand in hand with gig posters, T-shirts and fanzines. Max has recently worked with On Margate Sounds to create a trippy gig poster which really caught my eye. I had to find out more…

Paula: Great to get in touch with you Max, we’ve heard great things from Art’s Cool and had to know more about your abstract poster art!

Max: Cheers for hittin me up!

Paula: So tell us a bit about your background…

Max: I Grew up in cornwall by the sea – skating, drawing and going to shows with a solid group of good kids.

Paula: Can you tell me a bit about what you do?

Max K: I put out T-shirts, prints, zines, comics and stuff. In Cornwall I put on the Babyteeth art fair & gatherings and put out local scene zines & stuff.

Paula: Sounds great and I love the short film by Joshua Billington about your event Babyteeth. Whats your favourite thing to put your art to?

Max K: I dig posters and t-shirts.

Paula: I hear you’ve moved on from Cornwall in the last year, what are you up to now?

Max K: I moved to Bristol in June last year and now work at the Vans store, slingin shoes daily – pressin on poster makin and stuff, tryin to keep my brain sane.

Paula: Keep going and good luck for the future Max, at the rate you work I’m sure it won’t be long till you’re living off your dream.

Check out Max K’s video and art work bellow and hit him up with a ‘Like’ on Facebook!






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