Album Review: Nick Tann 3am

Album Review: Nick Tann 3am

Singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist Nick Tann is back with the tender ballads of a tormented yet optimistic heart.

Tann goes beyond the classic stripped down simplicity of an acoustic album, lifting his songs with charming instrumentations, reminiscent of early Counting Crows tracks. A success story from the recession, Tann admits his musical career took flight just two years ago when he was made redundant from a mundane job. “I decided to throw myself into writing and performing my own songs full time” revealed Tann on his website. Since, he has embarked on a rocky journey through the music industry and never looked back. From UK Festivals to the Isle of Wight and even going as far afield as Iceland, Tann has played a number of impressive shows. Listening to the upbeat relatability of Coming Home through to the chilling tenderness of title track 3am, this is an album with well structured, folk like ballads, clever harmonies and lyrics that shine. With out a doubt Nick Tann’s 3am is one to look out for.


Paula Frost

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