Corrupt Moral Entertainment?!

Corrupt Moral Altar

Screaming, static, heavy metal that pulses through your skull – that’s Liverpool’s Corrupt Moral Alter.
Formed early 2012, CMA comprise past members of Malevolent Creation and current members of Venomous Concept alongside Tom Dring, the producer of Dragged Into Sunlight and UK grind outfit Magpyes. This is one band who deliver overload on every front and provoke musical influences taken from only the heaviest, vilest bits of every genre related to metal.

The sold-out debut e.p. ‘Luciferian Deathcult’ appeared as a limited press produced by Vagrant and released on Baitin’ the Trap Records in Summer 2012 to an overwhelming welcome, with BIG CHEESE Magazine writing “10/10 At last a UK record that will give the Scandinavian extreme scenes a run for their money… care has been taken to ensure that the band themselves are able to realise their full potential.”
We’ll be catching them at Ramsgate Music Hall on October 28th at the close of their European Tour but you can see them at any of the above dates – be quick!

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