A face melting music scene has emerged in the depths of Kent in direct rejection of the political rise of UKIP. Within the Margate area, a mesh of musicians, poets, fanzine creators, free thinkers and art enthusiasts have recently arisen to reject the negative effects of UKIP’s broken society and build an inclusive community together.
Local music venues Tom Thumb Theatre and Ramsgate Music Hall have this year drawn in acts as big as Slow Club, Slaves and Cate Le Bon, with Ramsgate Music Hall recently being shortlisted for Small Venue of the Year in NME Magazine.
Even Happy Monday’s Bez visited the area and gave talks on his Reality Party whilst New York hip-hop duo Jungle Brothers played a sold out show to an elated local crowd. Events such as ‘On Margate Sounds’ and the pop up club night ‘Art’s Cool’ have also been launching local artists, bands and poets to great local and national response. Margate based bands such as Two Bit-Sister, Ramsgate Hovercraft, Fuoco and Ray Gun have all gained large amounts of popularity being featured on Radio 1, in international magazines and in a BBC anti UKIP documentary despite being formed within the last few months. Way Out Music has been documenting these events over the past year, posting reviews, underground gig invites and interviewing the bands. In less then a year our blog has grown to over 5000 followers and has launched an online radio show and fanzine. To celebrate the triumphs of the up and coming Thanet music scene and the 1st Birthday of Way Out Music, there will be a free entry event at Queen Charlotte, Ramsgate from 2-5pm on Sunday 2nd November featuring local poets, DJ’s and artists performing live in an intimate setting and promoting Thanet’s growing community spirit across generations.

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