Today we only have to look at the charts to see an oversaturation of watered down, submissive pop anthems that rarely reflect what is truly being felt by people around the world. Constantly, we are fed the same old, same old, by teams of co-writers and producers who go from artist to artist with their formulaic and over structured songwriting techniques, but are they really saying anything? No. The world is screaming out for artists to express what is really happening on the planet right now, but sadly very few step up to the plate.

This autumn, Chris Ford is rising up against a self-satisfied and over corporate music industry with his brand new single ‘Say Nothing’. The track is set to ruffle a few feathers, but it’s high time that was the case. ‘Say Nothing’ is a polemic attack that will fuel a debate rather that subdue its audience. Seeking to bring conscious discussion of politics and social conscience into the forefront, Chris Ford’s lyrics bring a raw energy that captures the spirit and directness of the new wave era. You need to hear what Chris has to say right now.


‘Say Nothing’ was written by Chris in late June 2015 as a reaction against the growing pomposity and complacency shown by many in the current music fraternity. Chris was originally inspired and encouraged to pick up the guitar and to write his own songs after a meeting in New York with John Cale of The Velvet Underground. In an afternoon, over a beer or two, they got talking and John advised Chris to go to Greenwich Village and start playing in front of a crowd. Chris took the plunge and that same evening he did his first ever live performance. He has never looked back. Chris is primarily based in London but in the past twelve months, he has been gaining ground in the US where his previous single ‘A Little Rain Must Fall’, has been played on over 150 Triple A radio stations and featured on several US syndicated radio shows. Chris spent six weeks in the US last year playing over 40 concerts, gaining him a loyal and growing army of fans. Chris’s style of song writing is to marry strong catchy melodies to visceral lyrics. His music has many influences but artists he is particularly drawn to include; David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Paul Weller, Badly Drawn Boy, Damien Rice, Elliot Smith and John Lennon.

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