A Terribly Awkward Interview With SLAVES [2013]

An interview with Isaac Holman & Laurie Vincent, Slaves 21st December 2013 Paula: So this is Paula Frost backstage at Upside-down festival and we’re here with Slaves! Isaac & Laurie: Yeh! Paula: How are you feeling about playing tonight? Isaac: Yehhhhhhhhhhhh….. Feeling good Laurie: Great I heard you guys are influenced by Crass is that [...]

School, Ska and Sweaty Vibes! An Interview with The Skints

Interview with Josh, The Skints 21st September, 2013 CJ: Well this is CJ Dread, Boom and Bass Show, Kane 103.7 FM we’re riding true at the Undercover Festival and low and behold, The Skints are in town! Josh: What’s good man? Yes Sir, everything’s cool dude. You good? CJ: Yes A1 my brother it’s very [...]

Nick Cash, 999 talks Ian Dury, Generation X, 77′ Jubilee at Undercover Festival

An interview with Nick Cash, 999 22nd September 2013 Paula: Hey Nick, how are you and how does it feel to be at Undercover festival? Nick: We’ve been going for a long time, its great to be here and it’s a great show here at Undercover festival! CJ: Lets wind back to that Jubilee year! [...]

Anarcho Punk, Vegetarianism & Protest

An interview with Punk Fans Paula: Can you tell me a bit about how the first wave of punk ended and what it was like when Crass emerged? Paul: The Sex Pistols signed to Virgin before splitting, The Clash signed to CBS and The Damned went their way, and it seemed like everyone was getting [...]


Hey guys, as you know this is an online fanzine but we do actually print physical fanzines too and distribute them as far and wide as we can. Starting out in Margate, they've already reached as far as London, Blackpool, Amsterdam and even the shores of Tenerife. If you've taken your fanzine somewhere cool for a [...]

A Conversation of Crass

An interview with Mick Howes, Crass Fans Paula: Can you tell me a bit about your experience of Anarcho- Punk? Mick: The gig scene was almost ever night, it was about two or three times a week and you various anarchy centres that were started up with the one it Wapping, which was the one [...]