Charlie Tolfree Interview with Way Out Music

We caught up with poet Charles Tolfree before his set at On Margate Sounds!

Charles Tolfree is a visual artist and performance poet from Margate, Kent. He works within the mediums of illustration, still and moving lens based, 3D design, paint, textile, collage, print and etchings. A writer of prose, letters and short stories, Charles reads publicly, usually at bars, cafés and between bands at gigs. He is a regular performer at local spoken word open mic nights. He firmly believes that art should be accessible and affordable. His work is sold as DIY zine style transcript posters and books. In 2013 he released His first handmade, self-published book “Prose and Cons (parts 1-6)”, in 2014 He released His first spoken word musical E.P “My Dearest Underdogs”.


In 2015 Charles became the Creative Director of Whisky & Beards media publishing company, a fresh, local collective with a heavily punk ethos, working in much the same vein as his own DIY body of work. Along with designing all of the company logos, branding and publicity material he will be releasing e-books, participating in podcasts, running workshops and performing at events.


He enjoys collaborating with other artists especially on occasional musical projects and exhibitions. Most projects are self-directed but He does occasionally undertake commissions. His glass etchings can be found on jam jar drinking receptacles in the Fin Bar above the Tom Thumb Theatre in Margate, one off artwork and installations have been displayed at events for Way Out Music and Art’s Cool pop-up club nights. Charles has contributed his books to Crate Project Space ‘Collaborative Research Group’ Public Zine Library and Strange Cargo’s Public Zine Library.

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