Undercover Festival 2015

This year at Undercover Festival I woke up in an apartment backstage in a room full of punks on camp beds. The night before I’d seen Peter and The Test Tube Babies smash their set and had a great interview with them… There was a knock at the door – It was Captain Sensible eating muesli at 8 in the morning. I went on to interview Hazard and meet Chelsea, Penetration and the UK Subs. Heres a few pics…Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 21.11.37Jamie from UK Subs

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 21.14.29 Ribsy has toured with Babyshambles and seen Iggy Pop live over 170 time

DSC_0190  Paul and Paula rocking the Rebellion T Shirts DSC_0210  Paul with Chelsea




12009562_10155965336735408_2401782388950625629_n Penetration

12011178_10155965336755408_9177996255708228729_n Sex Pistols Experience Drum Kit12027519_10155965336820408_7709801955090892439_nSid!

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