Yo la Tengo – Fakebook (1990) Full album

I just like the title of this album, ‘Fakebook’. I think it’s ripe for a reissue in light of the internet age. Who’s with me?!

May 1, 2013

Can’t Forget – (Ira Kaplan)
Griselda — 2:19 (Antonia)
Here Comes My Baby — 4:21 (Cat Stevens)
Barnaby, Hardly Working — 6:54 (Georgia Hubley, Kaplan)
Yellow Sarong — 11:24 (The Scene is Now)
You Tore Me Down — 13:07 (The Flamin’ Groovies)
Emulsified — 16:03 (Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers)
Speeding Motorcycle — 18:55 (Daniel Johnston)
Tried So Hard — 22:19 (Gene Clark)
The Summer — 24:40 (Hubley, Kaplan)
Oklahoma, U.S.A. — 27:19 (Ray Davies)
What Comes Next — 29:43 (Ira Kaplan)
The One to Cry — 33:03 (The Escorts)
Andalucia — 35:04 (John Cale)
Did I Tell You — 38:44 (Kaplan)
What Can I Say — 42:10 (Joey Spampinato)

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