A Terribly Awkward Interview With SLAVES [2013]

An interview with Isaac Holman & Laurie Vincent, Slaves

21st December 2013

Paula: So this is Paula Frost backstage at Upside-down festival and we’re here with Slaves!

Isaac & Laurie: Yeh!

Paula: How are you feeling about playing tonight?

Isaac: Yehhhhhhhhhhhh….. Feeling good

Laurie: Great

I heard you guys are influenced by Crass is that true?

Laurie: I am

Isaac: I…. maybe. A little bit, not much.

Paula: Ok well I spoke to Steve Ignorant on Monday.

Laurie: That’s mad, that’s Crazy.

Isaac: Yeh I like Steve Ignorant.

Paula: Yes I spoke to him and he was an absolute legend. Basically I’m writing a piece about them (Crass) so I was quite interested to know you were into them. What is it that you like about them?

Isaac: I just like that when they started they said you don’t have to play an instrument to be in our band. You can just do what you want so one of their guitarists just made noise and I like… they were the first sort of band that I listened to that did it for the music they didn’t do it for anything else and that’s really cool.

Laurie: Their sound is just unrivalled as well. I mean, no one sounds like Crass. And they’ve got hooks that stick in your head but its Anarcho, and I see pop sensibilities there, just – there’s no one else like Crass.

Paula: Do you see any bands around now who could rival a band like Crass?

Laurie: I’m not sure it could be relevant but something could happen that’s different and Crass is more about the time it happened and Crass was a movement, that punk thing was a movement that’s never going to happen again the same. Something else might happen, maybe people will think dub step was that. Hopefully not but…

Isaac: I like dubstep.

Laurie: Penny Rimbaud was a fantastic drummer though, he was good.

Paula: When did you guys start?

Isaac: 5th of January 2012

-End of Interview-


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