The Piano Has Been Drinking, Not Me.

Welcome to 2016! (It happened yesterday but I was sleeping and painting by the ocean)

I got the Kurt Cobain documentary ‘Montage of Heck’ this Christmas and have had it playing on a loop ever since so its definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet. I’m assuming most people are in the ‘New Year, New Me!’ phase right now so just incase you’re thinking of reinventing your image, I thought it fitting to leave you with some ideas for a new you…

Fantasy-Ball-at-the-Rainb-009New Romantic Fantasy Ball

Goth-street-fashion-008Goth Street Fashion

images 1920’s German Film Noir

Jane-Fonda-1970Jane Fonda

tom-waits-amsterdam-1973-billboard-650 Tom Waits

ca. 1992 --- Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain --- Image by © Dora Handel/CORBIS OUTLINE Toxic Rock Couple

Do let us know how you get on with the new image. In the mean time, heres Tom Waits with a hangover recovery ballad, so get those eggs cooking…

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