Anarcho Punk, Vegetarianism & Protest

An interview with Punk Fans

Paula: Can you tell me a bit about how the first wave of punk ended and what it was like when Crass emerged?

Paul: The Sex Pistols signed to Virgin before splitting, The Clash signed to CBS and The Damned went their way, and it seemed like everyone was getting signed. Crass brought it back to what it should have been and that kicked off with their first release which was Feeding of the 5000.

It got more serious you know? For that age, for me being a rebel anyway I thought why not go full rebel and anarchist and that’s when I started being a vegetarian and I was very anti-government. And it did change everything totally but for me it got totally more political. It was anarchy and peace as Crass used to say but they were really politically motivated but they also…

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