Here’s Rebel Radio – hosted by Marco Blank, assisted by Martin ‘Chemo Bro’ Headcleaner and snivelling subservience from Gimp Boy.

The play tracks from all the many tentacles of the punk movement from all over the globe. If it’s noisy, nasty, whacked out or just plain weird, it’s here.

Going out live every Saturday, and previous shows available to listen to on demand. Feedback, bad or good, is welcomed, they’re learning as they go.


 with requests, promo’s or just general feedback at;

Marco was 13 in 1976 when punk broke and his musical seeds were sown. Fanatical about music ever since, he has DJ’d for many years, worked at Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus for 7 years, worked at Mute and Blast First, ran Jackass Records (into the ground), roadied for too many bands to mention here, has a ridiculous record collection and seen over 10,000 live shows. So he kind of knows what he’s doing, music-wise anyway.

Martin Headcleaner also roadied for 100’s of bands and has a bizarre and twisted musical taste. He was main singer/songwriter for Camden noise outfit Headleaner(hence the name) and by a strange twist of fate ended up being Marco’s brother-in-law. They work hand in hand like a finely tuned Rolls Royce Merlin engine, and are just about as noisy.

Gimp Boy makes the tea if you beat him hard enough.

Thanks too to Grant ‘Kiwi’ Louden for building and maintaining the website, and Dave Obersby for helping with the techie stuff.

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