Daft Punk: Worst music film in history?

Could Electroma by Daft Punk be the worst music film ever made?

Don’t get me wrong people, I’m all for going against the norm and thinking outside of the box and not for a second did I expect a conventional or epic storyline for this movie. Let’s face it we weren’t expecting The Who’s Quadrophenia or Pink Floyd’s The Wall. But Jesus. 90 mins of no dialogue, barely any progression of scenes, shite music and 20-30 min long edits at a time of Daft Punk either driving down a straight road or walking in a desolate landscape might just make you want to watch paint dry instead. I’ve linked you to a YouTube clip of possibly the strangest scene from the film. I image the director expected it to come across as deep and metaphorical but really it’s just terrible, yet at least laughable, unlike the rest of the film which is just absolutely dire.

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