Ok so in true Way Out fashion, heres the latest update on everything Crass!

LONDON: Thursday 12th May 

with Eve Libertine and Penny Rimbaud.
11 Gillet Square
London N16 8AZ
0207 254 4097
LONDON: Thursday 19th April
V.Vale from ReSearch hits town to host an interview with Gee Vaucher and Penny Rimbaud. This event should I’m sure, prove interesting, if not least, listening to Vale
and his infectious enthusiasm.
Research and Exitstencil will have books for sale at the event.
Horse Hospital
Bloomsbury (behind Russell Square Station)
Tel: 020 7833 3644
More information to follow
14th Factory. Penny Rimbaud performs with Ingrid Laubrock, Phil Robson and Christine Tobin
On April 29th, a public art exhibition will open at the former J.P. Morgan headquarters on 23 Wall Street, New York. Throughout its six-week run, the project will feature collaborative works by a global community of interdisciplinary artists representing Greater China, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Activism and Art: Can Art Change the World?
Wednesday May 4th 7:00pm-8:30pm
Join us for a provocative conversation where we put art to its strongest test. Can an aesthetic experience help you survive the 21st century?  How does art bring people together and tear them apart?  We are going to talk about how art changes minds, policies, communities, and world. Featuring artists and thought leaders across all genres.

23 Wall Street. NYC
ATHENS: Saturday 7th May 2016
Eve Libertine and Charles Webber will be performing new works, for vocals and electronics at Sound Acts Festival
For further information about the festival:
LONDON: Thursday 19th-Friday 20th May
Little Annie hits town to perform her poetry and music.
Cafe Oto
18-22 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL
LEICESTER: Opening 1st June-18th June
Exhibition – The Art of Crass
Friday 10th June – Penny Rimbaud performance
LCB Depot Light Box
31 Rutland Street
COLCHESTER: Opening 11th November – end of January
Gee Vaucher’s  ‘Introspective’ at FIRSTSITE. This will be the first major show of her work in the UK. Lots more news as the exhibition comes together and events arranged.
There’s a new set of typeset pieces on the website.
These are ten different handset typographic prints by Gee Vaucher, of Penny Rimbaud’s aphorisms. If you managed to get one of the last pieces, these are a must to add to your collection.
Mick Duffield’s  ‘CHRIST-THE MOVIE’ available from 5th April
The films ‘Autopsy’, ‘Choosing Death’ and ‘Yes Sir I Will’(Crass), form the trilogy ‘Christ the Movie’, made in the punk rock era in response to the UK’s gloomy political and economic bankruptcy of the mid 1970’s and 80’s.
Like SemiDetached, the dvd is accompanied by a beautiful booklet.
If you haven’t taken a look at this short film by Mick Duffield from 1971,
give it a go. The end is an infectious laugh!!archive/c22nr
Gee Vaucher’s third book of seven in the series ‘A WEEK OF KNOTS’Tuesday (Father) is now finished but due to flow of funds will have to wait at least another month.
The biggest of all the days with 44 illustrations, these books take their inspiration from Max Ernst ‘Une Semaine de Bonte’and ‘Knots’ by R.D.Laing. Full of collaged images, it continues to tell the story of ‘The Family’. If you are aiming to collect all seven in the series: ‘Sunday-The Family’ and ‘Monday -Mother’, are still available.
Penny Rimbaud is currently working on an electronics album, another version of KERNSCHMELZE 2 with Eve Libertine andCharles Webber due for release early
next year.
If you follow Penny on Twitter pennyrimbaud1 you may have been keeping up with his recent prolific outpourings of aphorisms, this time accompanied by some beautiful images. If you haven’t read the first 365+1 aphorisms from last year, here’s your chance to get a great little pocket book of words to provoke.
Penny Rimbaud is also busy with his ‘YES, SIR, I WILL’ rewrite, which was recorded live at the 2014 REBELLION FESTIVAL, Blackpool, with a six-piece jazz outfit, plus himself and Eve Libertine. The cover is finished, the music is finished, now we just need a release date.

In the meantime Penny Rimbaud has had to get a job. See him at work in London:

“We can see other people’s behaviour, but not their experience.”
                                          R D Laing

In the meantime Penny Rimbaud has had to get a job. See him at work in London….Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.33.05


Jingo Bells performed by The Cravats
The Bus Driver: Penny Rimbaud


Peace, love, blessings and as always, anarchy –

Way Out Radio x

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