Welcome to our World

Welcome to the World of Way Out Radio

This blog is dedicated to bringing people in our global community together through the escapism of music and through activism. The words ‘Way Out’ can be seen all over the world in public places to indicate an exit. This blog is a ‘Way Out’ of any constraints, divides or prejudice in the outside world. By participating in the blog you are free to listen, learn and communicate with other music fans, artists & DJs. By doing this we can raise awareness of issues like the lack of funding for music departments in state education class rooms across the world or the lack of artists making a stand against issues such as sexism, corporatisation, poverty & environmental problems we face on Earth.

Overall, this is an entertainment site with the hope of spreading positive stories from artists who have overcome difficult periods in life and found a ‘Way Out’ through music.

I hope you enjoy reading our interviews and discovering lots of new music. We’re all individuals, but together we can be great.

Please email: paula@kanefm.com for more information.

About Us

Way Out Radio began as a blog in November 2013 and has since gained over 5000 followers across 52 countries. Because of its popularity, the blog has since grown into an online radio show, a physical fanzine and we’ve also began holding our own poetry and acoustic music events. Now in our fourth year of blogging, we are soon to be launching a YouTube channel for all of our interviews with a host of incredible bands and artist.

We hope you enjoy following our journey and finding out about great new music, events and reading about some truly inspiring people we track down for interviews!


Signatures of guests who attended the Way Out Radio Launch Party.

The team who pulled off a great first event and even got their faces in the local paper!11822791_876091885806358_368331923866388445_n

The Second Way Out Radio Party: Our 1st Birthday with Riskee & The Ridicule!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 16.17.30


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