Way Out Radio Meet… SLEAFORD MODS

"Dangerous? Us?! Just because we dress like Oasis doesn't mean we are." Jason The straight talking, anarchic duo Sleaford Mods mix punk poetry with chav culture in an ingenious way. We were lucky enough to hang out with them backstage at their show in Ramsgate and take them for a drink afterwards. Refusing to sign to [...]


Mark Bandola is the Canadian lead singer of the group who rocked college rock radio and MTV in the 80's, The Lucy Show! Someone who buys a lot of records, drinks a lot of coffee and writes a lot of music, he is now settled in England and fronts psychedelic avant-garde band The Ramsgate Hovercraft. A [...]

Way Out Radio Meet… BEZ, HAPPY MONDAYS!

We decided to head down to our local, The Queen Charlotte pub in Ramsgate, and who should we find hanging out? Bez from Happy Mondays of course! This guy cares so much about making the world a better place and has done a lot to help people and the planet in recent years. For that, [...]


Saw Pete Townshend in London over the summer. He drives a white Beetle. What a legend. Townshend in action... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=594WLzzb3JI Pete Townshend interview in the studio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjcCSngLS4M

Way Out Radio Meet… SLAVES!

These guys are incredible song writers, seriously hard workers and know exactly how to have fun - total FREAKS. We love them and have supported their live show in Margate DJing, met them a few times and interviewed them twice. Check out a few of their videos below as well as a bunch of pictures [...]

WAY OUT RADIO Meet… Fred Macpherson from SPECTOR!

Spector came to Margate for a fairly quiet (almost secret) gig at Escape! (A club which has now been taken over by the Dreamland Amusement Park) It was such a fantastic show, as you'd expect from the well dressed indie rockers. Fred was kind enough to stop for a chat before Spector took to the stage so [...]