This week we are excited to announce that Way Out Radio will be high jacking the airwaves for a 6 hour takeover on Kane FM! We will be broadcasting from 7am till 1pm this Thursday 25th of August and introducing some very special guests throughout the show!

Guest DJ’s Howard Sway, Brian IH, Martyn Butler and Cassie Fox, Feminist punk rock festival organiser will be joinPaula 2 - send - 4 of 6ing us in spinning vinyl live, playing you the best Ska, Punk and Alt Dance music. Stream:www.kanefm.com and text the studio on 07860021656

Meet The Guests:

Mister Martyn (Reggae & Eclectic DJ)

Martyn has been a DJ for 5 years and he’s only 19 now! He joined Kane FM as a producer back in 2011 and has since gone on to DJ and host his own weekly show ‘Bass Invaders’ (Thursday 5-7pm) whilst also producing one of the most popular reggae shows on Kane FM, Davinci Sound’s ‘1-1-1 Sessions’ (Saturday 11-1pm).

Howard Sway (Alternative Indie & Dance DJ)13895457_1045298838918314_5416392037904230400_n

Hailing from Margate , Howard is a vinyl collector who has made his name DJing over the past 10 years spinning an eclectic mix for events all over the country including Moshi Moshi Records. He also composes his own unique dance music and has a passion for foreign & weird rare tracks.


Cassie Fox (Organiser of Loud Women Festival)

This is one riot grrl unafraid to stand up to music industry prejudice. Cassie is the woman behind the all-female punk festival ‘Loud Women’ happening in London next month. She’s coming in to Kane FM to talk about the bands on the line up and introduce us to some new music.13653317_10157243247635094_6086211249501031344_o

13906974_10153634381741750_3882582755488294574_nBrian IH (Canadian House & Underground DJ)

Brian IH is a talented Canadian DJ with an extensive collectionof vinyl treasures alongside his broad knowledge of underground music. He joined Kane FM this year, taking over the ‘Thursday Breakaway’ show (Thursday 3-5) and specialises in spinning house and lo-fi tunes.


Meet the host:

Paula Frost

Paula is one of Kane FM’s top interviewers and has questioned The Jungle Brothers, The Selector, Maximo Park and Sleaford Mods among many others. She began on Kane FM as a producer for ‘The Boom and Bass Show’ (Sunday 3-5pm) and ‘Tippa Irie’s Pure Diddim Show’ (Thursday 7-9pm) and has recently began hosting her own show ‘Way Out Radio’ (Thursday 11-1pm). Visit www.wayoutradio.com for Paula’s previous shows, interviews and reviews.

Mr Martyn & Paula


7am – 9am Breakfast with DJ Coopertron! Bass Invader Mister Martyn will also be in the studio telling us all about how he became the youngest DJ on Kane FM.

9am – 11am Special guest DJ Brian IH will be spinning the best in underground punk, ska and reggae music whilst Cassie Fox organiser of the all-female punk festival ‘Loud Women’ will be joining us in the studio for an exclusive interview.

11am – 1pm Special guest DJ Howard Sway will be swinging by to play us some alternative indie and dance music from his vinyl stash and talk us through some of the rare tracks in his collection.
Stream the show LIVE on www.kanefm.com

Text in to the studio on:

Any questions, please contact Paula on paula@kanefm.com


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 16.28.55


YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVG3ZumLNEMSPQN0K_5dmQg
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/wayoutzine
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/wayoutradio
TUMBLR: http://wayoutradio.tumblr.com/
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