An Interview with Broken Hands

Paula: I’m here on a sunny afternoon with Broken Hands. We’re currently sat outside UCA ahead of their sold out show tonight. So guys, how are you doing? Dale: Very good, we live 7 minutes away so this is as close as it gets to a home gig for us. Paula: First of all, tell [...]

Broken Hands Live Review

After bustling through Canterbury’s rush hour traffic, I parked up at the University of Creative Arts to find Broken Hands before their afternoon sound check. I turned the corner by the student union bar to find all four of them soaking up the sun on a bench outside. Each of them were eating fish and [...]

Rebellion Festival Review

***** Finally we’d arrived at the festival that we’d been counting down to all year! It was Rebellion’s 20th year as a festival and Punk’s 40th anniversary from 1976 to 2016. As we drove up the country from London to Blackpool, we hashed through our collection of punk mix CD’s sharing stories about gigs, Rebellion [...]

An Interview with Nite Jewel

With influences ranging from Mariah Carey to Kraftwork, Ramona Gonzalez aka Nite Jewel is one singer songwriter with her ears open and her heart in her lyrics. Hailing from glamorous Los Angeles, Nite Jewel insists she is hiding in the art underground movement and staying well out of celebrity culture. She told Way Out Radio ‘I [...]

Standon Calling Festival

This is one small festival with its head screwed on. The organisation was like no festival I’d ever seen. There were no cash transactions anywhere on site, instead you loaded money onto a wristband and this was scanned by staff to pay for your drinks, food, merch and rides. The only problem was that the [...]

Joshua Whitehouse on Way Out Radio

This week were were privileged to have the talented and hard working actor, model and singer songwriter Joshua Whitehouse on Way Out Radio for an interview! Josh played us a few songs live in the studio and told us about his work as lead support in the Northern Soul movie and lots more about his music [...]

Open letter to The Tuts

The facts: At a festival stage, security are not allowed to let drunk people invade the stage. It is dangerous for the artists performing and for the fan attempting to get on stage. On Friday The Tuts drunkenly attempted to invade the stage 3 times during The Selecter's headline set. A female member of security [...]