Terrorvision at Sub 89, Reading

At the weekend we caught 90’s grunge/surf rock group Terrorvision from Bradford at Sub 89. They came on in a high energy cacophony, knocking the audience out with three songs back to back from their greatest hits set (Terrorvision had 13 top 40 hits in the 90’s). The band sounded really full with their Marshall stacks, and synth playing live member alongside the 4 piece lineup. Front man Tony Wright was rocking the crowd throughout the set with his high energy stage presence and powerful vocals whilst lead guitarist Mark Yates came across like a rock and roll caricature with his top hat, leather waistcoat and tattooed arms raring his distorted guitar with easiness. During the set, the singer started spraying the audience with the water bottle he was drinking from and later in the set he pulled out two dolphin shaped water pistols for the song ‘Perseverance’ with the lyrics ‘whales and dolphins’. The highlight of the show came towards the end of the set when they broke into ‘Alice What’s The Matter’ doing the song complete justice in their performance. Finally the encore packed a huge punch as they broke into two more songs, ending on ‘Oblivion’ with its catchy sing along ‘do wap, wap ba do wap’ lyrics whilst the audience pogoed in unison.





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