Open letter to The Tuts

The facts: At a festival stage, security are not allowed to let drunk people invade the stage. It is dangerous for the artists performing and for the fan attempting to get on stage. On Friday The Tuts drunkenly attempted to invade the stage 3 times during The Selecter’s headline set. A female member of security told the band that they were too drunk and were not allowed on stage. After the band hysterically ran at the stage repeatedly and abused the staff and festival organisers suggesting they were ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ they were escorted off the premises.

Dear The Tuts,

One thing I can’t stand is women calling themselves ‘feminist’ when they are actually sexist. The terms you used about male security such as ‘manhandled’, ‘angry men’ and ‘blocked by their egos’ is the polar opposite of the decent family men who are well loved by many festival goers and have worked tirelessly to maintain a safe environment for all over the past 4 years at Undercover.

If you invade the stage drunk, the security are there to stop you. That is not a violent attack of racism or sexism and suggesting so has berated a number of security both male and female that warned you numerous times as you attempted to stage invade 3 times before being escorted out.

You stated that you were ‘the youngest people there’ but my band are younger than yours, so are Skaciety and there were a lot of teenage fans, families and young people in their 20’s. I myself was introduced to you all by the merch stand and you totally snubbed me with a dirty look and walked away. Perhaps it’s not the fact you were the only young people there but you just didn’t give us the time of day as you were too busy wingeing about wanting a last minute dressing room which should have been asked for months in advance.

I have had an access all areas wrist band to this festival for the past 4 years. That, quite obviously, does not entitle you to invade the stage drunk whenever you feel like it. It’s so disrespectful to use The Selecter’s name to create association to your band in order to exploit their publicity. Clearly piggybacking on the band. How can you suggest that the festival organiser is racist when The Selector are headlining? And the organiser of the festival has been supporting anti-racist marches since the 80’s?

Although I have been coming to the festival since the first one, I am a young woman who needed somewhere to change before my band played but I didn’t demand a dressing room on arrival, I used a friends caravan knowing that there were over 40 bands playing that day and there was no way to accommodate everyone with privacy.

Basically, you’re throwing your toys out of the pram because you have an album out this week and want publicity. You’ve angered a lot of music fans with your disrespectful diva-ish behaviour and when you left your merch stand unattended, other stall holders kindly kept your takings safe when t-shirts were sold. When a stall holder saw you and gave you the money, they were told ‘So what?’. How disrespectful and unnecessary, I’m noticing a reoccurring theme in your behaviour….. complete desperation to cause controversy.

All of your merch was thrown in a skip and I hope that you realise the consequences of your false allegations to decent members of the Undercover crew when you get served in court and have to retract your smear campaign. There is CCTV footage with full audio from all three of you ready to be released, proving the innocence of Undercover Festival staff and security.

As I said, I’m a drummer in a band, I don’t work for the festival and have no reason to write this statement other than my own conscience provoking me to action because what you are doing is just so wrong on so many levels.


Way Out Radio

Link to The Tuts statement about Undercover Festival


  1. very strange i’ve met the tuts a number of times and always found them very pleasent and polite.lovely young ladies.sounds like too much drink was consumed by them, we’ve all been guilty of that from time to need to slaughter them for it


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