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Goth-rock giants release first album in 30 years.

Theatre Of Hate have released their first official album in 30 years, ‘Kinshi’. The London based post-punk and gothic rock 5-piece formed in 1980 led by Kirk Brandon, a singer-songwriter formerly of The Pack. Kirk was joined by guitarist Steve Guthrie, bassist Stan Stammers (formerly of the Straps and the Epileptics), saxophonist John “Boy” Lennard and drummer Luke Rendle (formerly of Crisis and the Straps) and debut album ‘Westworld’ was released in 1982 before they split to form Spear of Destiny that same year. Since 2014, the band have reformed and began recording at Oxygen Studios in Manchester. New album ‘Kinshi’, part-funded by pledgers, features a blend of dark atmospheres, with allied guitar and saxophone alongside expressive lyricism and the true musicianship you only find between lifelong band members. The lead single of the album is also named ‘Kinshi’, which means ‘forbidden’ in Japanese.

Paula Frost

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