(Cherry Red)

Dubbed as one of the greatest girl groups to come out of the 90’s, the Donna’s have reissued their hit album ‘Spend The Night’, this time as an expanded edition including 5 bonus tracks. The band includes vocals by Brett Anderson, guitar by Allison Robertson, bass by Maya Ford and drums by Torry Castellano, known otherwise as their stage names Donna A, Donna R, Donna F, Donna C, they put out their first independently released album in 1997. This band of all-girl Californian surf punks chimes in with hard rock sing-along ‘It’s on the Rocks’, followed by their top 20 hit ‘Take It Off’.  The album has all of the basic punk ideas of early Ramones tracks, mixed with the cat clawing lyrics of a rebellious teen girl. Originally released in 2002 as their 5th studio album, the record mixes grimy, glamorous rock and roll with elements of pop punk and a degree of humour. Tracks like ‘All Messed Up’ and ‘Dirty Denim’ show the commercial intent for this band, it is the kind of album you would buy your teenage daughter for Christmas with its fast living, too cool for school, girl next door attitude. Inspired by ACDC, Sex Pistols, Madonna and The Runaways, the band has a gloriously witty, garage rock sound, set off by Donna A’s Snarling vocals.

At times it’s uneasy to know whether the band are objectifying themselves or empowering themselves as sex symbols, but with such basic lyrical content, I don’t think we should delve too deeply into any implied meaning behind them.

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