Jason How

Add another name to the list of English psychedelic eccentrics. Syd Barrett, Robyn Hitchcock and Andy Partridge have an amigo in Jason How; psych-pop astronaut and purist purveyor of cosmic jangle, he’s been self-releasing his albums of subterfuge-psychedelia for a couple of years now. “The Tall English Sun” and “Speedboat On a Magic Sea” were all shimmering 12-string and chiming Rickenbacker in the style of The Television Personalities or The Bevis Frond. With intricate, overlapping harmonies and sweeping, sun-dappled songs, he’s from a lineage of great English writing. “Cunts In Suits” from current album “Eve Of Oban” sees How take on the establishment’s faceless plutocracy; it seethes with fuzz-toned rage and powerpop dazzle and rails against those self-same suits.