Besserbitch ‘Pretenders & Liars’ Album Review

‘Pretenders & Liars’
Album Review

The fast, furious and fucked up foursome Besserbitch have released their second album ‘Pretenders & Liars’ after almost three years. This is the first release from the all-girl punk rock band since 2013’s ‘Moments of Grey’ after a fan funded campaign through Pledge Music. The overall sound of the album is quite overproduced which takes away from their punk grit you’d see live. The band from Stockholm, mix a mainstream guitar sound with lyricism full of angst, reminiscent at times of  Blink-182 varied with Nightwish-like vocal sentimentalities. Lead single ‘One More Drink’ toys with pirate-like, sing along lyrics and style which comes off a little childish.

The song ‘Pretenders & Liars’ is by far the best track on the album. it begins with a laid back, almost Savages like approach, supported by an expressive, slightly masculine lead vocal from Elin before bursting into an explosive and aggressive punk chorus.


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