‘My Way’ Rockumentary Review

‘My Way’
Rockumentary Review

My Way is a tale of two women in their late 30s hitting the road across America in search of fame and fortune in the music industry. Leaving her husband behind, in what turns out to be an elaborate ‘Thelma and Louise’ style escape from normality, Rebekah Starr trades ‘wife-life’ for a rock and roll adventure to the Sunset Strip.

Overall the ‘rockumentary’ is badly filmed with grainy footage and edited in such a dodgy way that at times it makes you laugh out loud. There are a few drug-scarred celebrities being interviewed throughout (Steven Adler – Guns n Roses and Rikki Rocket – Poison), but this has little relevance to the story and comes across as a desperate ply to recapture audience interest in between the, truthfully, boring band infighting between a tambourine player and a past-it untalented guitarist. The film comes complete with Hollywood style happy ending as the band film a music video and boast proudly of their ‘against-all-odds’ achievement.

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