1796709_10153741533565408_472425252_nCate Le Bon will be releasing new music with her side project ‘Drinks’ and then taking a break from music to move to the lake district and make furniture! We won’t be taking a break from music though, we’ll be in the Way Out Radio office working hard for you as always!

Today, Way Out Radio will be on air from 3-5pm on Kane 103.7 FM or available to stream on you can also listen back to previous show on

Tonight, punk legend Johnny Moped headlines the 100 club on Oxford street in London supported by Cyanide Pills and 3-piece all-girl blues-rock band Thee Dagger Debs.

Rock music ‘can make men lose at board games’

Black Sabbath or Bach? It has been noted by researchers that women could have an advantage over men when listening to rock music as it distracts mens brains when playing strategy games. I’m pretty sure blasting out ‘Bat Out of Hell’ or ‘Ace of Spades’ would knock us off our stride when playing Uno.

More news:

The Libertines hotel is to open! A plan conjured up by Carl Barat to invest his share of the bands advance for the new album has been revealed by Peter Doherty in a recent interview.

The Bestival is to leave the Isle of Wight and a new location has been secured.

Have a great week everyone!



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