The Weird Things

If you’re a fan of MC5, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Echo and the Bunnymen, this band are for you. The Weird Things feature seven members including Case drummer Martin Parrott and Tenpole Tudor’s Dick Crippen. Parrott told VLR; “Case had gone back into hibernation and I was looking for something to do. As luck would have it I got introduced to our bass player, Mr Jan, and we really hit it off. Pretty soon he was sending me guitar riffs and I was sending back lyrics – it just grew from there.” Soon the band grew into a four-piece and beyond; “We added Charlie up front, she quickly became the focus of the band, her vocals are The Weird Thing’s trade mark.” tells drummer Martin. Lead vocalist Charlie lends her sharp and emotive vocals over the bands bolting riffs and thumping drums and this comes across well in The Weird Things recordings. Hailing from South London, the band mix punk rage with a touch of glam and some pop sensibilities and have been gaining a name as an exciting live act thanks to some well received supports slots with Penetration, Chelsea and Johnny Moped. “The great thing about being a seven piece is that we can recreate our studio sound live. Vocals are a really important part of our musical identity.  If you’re going to mix it up you need an element of continuity – for us it’s our vocal harmonies.”  The sue of harmonies sets The Weird things apart from a lot of punk bands. They also show clearly thought out musicianship within their songs. The band recently released their debut album ‘Ten Digit Freak’ after writing 12 songs in less than a week. “Ten Digit Freak is simply the culmination of our first burst of creativity.” Explained Martin. “The album came together in days, proving that the band’s chemistry was genuine. The energy’s real, which I think translates on stage into something really special – I love this band.” Unlike some punk bands, there is an interesting depth to the lyrical content behind many of the albums songs. “‘Colin’ was inspired by one of Mr Jan’s paintings, while ‘Mr Jones’ is my tribute to David Bowie. Although it was written before his death I think it works well as a ‘thank you’ for the great music he gave us.” Already receiving great reactions to the album, The Weird Things are worth checking out live this autumn.

Paula Frost

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