It was Saturday night and I shuk-subs-2016-currentould have been shattered considering I’d woken up in Margate, driven 2 hours to Hastings where I’d played drums for 4 hours rehearsing with my band  and then driven another 2 hours to the 100 club in London. But I was absolutely on a high because I had guest list for the epic line-up of Desperate Measures, Menace and U.K. Subs!


Eugene Butcher, editor in Chief of Vive Le Rock Magazine, fronted Desperate Measures and had kindly put me on his guest list so I was buzzing to see his band for the first time.

Running down the stairs at 8pm I could hear they’d already started so I quickly got my
hand stamped and legged it straight up to the front. The band looked like a tight unit, Eugene ad0f2bbff6ece1eaf08783195660da53bnd the lead guitarist had great stage presence and poised intensity. The lyrics were infectious and easy to chant, mostly angry, anti-government songs with some clever one liners and relatable views on youthful monotony. The drummer was an impressive guy with a lot of power and strong sense of rhythm which went hand in hand with the melodic grooves in the basslines which got me dancing. This attracted the attention of some annoying guy who wanted to dance with me and kept rubbing into my shoulder – Before long I shoved him and he went about a meter, I told him to fuck off which he seemed to like. The rest of their set was great and they ended on ‘1984’ Eugene thanked Charlie
Harper (UK Subs) for giving them the support slot and he said; “I wouldn’t be in this fucking country if it wasn’t for him!” which is true behero_thumb_desperatecause he’s from New Zealand and wrote a letter to Charlie in the 70’s and Charlie replied.

Menace were up next and they were on form! The singer and lead guitarist were running up and down the stage getting the crowd moving.  I wish they’d played for longer, last time I saw them was in August at Rebellion Festival, they came onstage at 2.00 in the m20140207menace_sex_pistols_experience-2orning and invited us up on stage for GLC. It happened again but this time I thought I’d stay on the ground – that wasn’t happening though and one of the punks just swooped me up in their arms and put me onstage. I stayed near the back of the stage dancing next to the drummer and watching him play.
Next up was the mighty U.K Subs! I stood by the side of the stage for the first few songs but it wasn’t long before I got bored of having all that space and decided to throw myself into the mosh pit at the front, the crowd were pushing forward and punks kept being pushed onto the stage – Charlie Harper grabbed my hand at one point and pointed the mic at me so I could sing the chorus. When the song ended  I shouted ‘hi’ to the drummer Jamie who gave me a handshake from the kit. It goes without saying but when they played ‘Warhead’ it went off! Then ‘Stranglehold’ was another epic moment of a whole room full of people pogoing and singing together. The whole set was sparking with energy from all four members, Charlie was really giving it some and Jamie was putting everything into the drum grooves, it was great to watch. I felt that the new guitarist was really on point and had nailed the songs since last time I saw them in August when the poor bloke had played Rebellion festival with just one rehearsal!

After an awesome set and an encore, the gig came to an end. All three bands had smashed their sets and I didn’t see one face leaving the 100 club that night with any sign of January blues. Punk rock unity lives on and it was a beautiful thing to see. If you weren’t there, you missed out!


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