We interview Simon and Martin from The Weird Things, a genre spanning 7-piece band from the UK. Debut album ’10 Digit Freak’ is out now. The Weird Things certainly deliver what they promise, weirdness in their chaotic and type defying debut album that flits through music history like a magpie! From psych to punk and blues to flapper, it’s all in there and the attention span deficit of each genre lasts just long enough to prove each of the bands 7 members talents before taking off again.


This summer, everything changes. We’ll be travelling to 11 countries in 11 months and diving into the music scenes around the world interviewing artists and fans and finding out what’s happening in the underworld of some of the most famous cities on Earth.

F  L  Y  I  N  G     T  O ..  ..  ..

Split – Croatia

Saturday 3rd June 2017
London Stanstead to Split Croatia


Stockholm – Sweden

Tuesday 20th June (Norwegian Airline) 2017
Split Croatia to Stockholm, Sweden



Kiev – Ukraine

Tuesday 27th June 2017
Stockholm, Sweden to Kiev, Ukraine


Moscow – Russia

Tuesday 11th July 2017
Kiev, Ukraine to Moscow, Russia


Hanoi – Vietnam

Tuesday 8th August 2017
Moscow, Russia to Tokyo, Japan


Bangkok – Thailand

Tuesday 5th September 2017
Tokyo, Japan to Bangkok, Thailand


Tokyo – Japan

Wednesday 11th October 2017
Bangkok, Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam


Sydney – Australia

Friday 3rd November 2017
Hanoi, Vietnam to Sydney, Australia

future-music-festival-crowd-pic-by-angela-padovan-69dcb708933d74d7055cea857c9e73fdhqdefaultSydney Australia0003419264_100005672165_36cropped-milk-bandcamp-hdr-3-e13777702145491

Auckland – New Zealand

Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand


Hawaii – USA

Auckland, New Zealand to Honolulu, Hawaii


Los Angeles – USA

Honalulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California

black_sabbath_1970_Motörhead "Los Angeles"led-zeppelin-8JXV_o_tnthe-doors-hard-rock-cafe-jim-morrison-bar-morrison-hotelthe-strip-vegas

New York – USA

If you can make it there…

Los Angeles, California to New York, USA


Kingston – Jamaica

The birthplace of reggae and dancehall music.

New York, USA to Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica to London, UK

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Here are a few of the awesome new releases we received in the post this week! We recommend you check this incredible bands out! Huge thanks goes to Vive Le Rock Magazine, Loud Women Festival, The Weird Things, Eight Rounds Rapid & Conflict!


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Riskee and the Ridicule & Popes of Chillitown – Live at Proud Camden

Riskee and the Ridicule & Popes of Chillitown
Live at Proud Camden
Saturday 18th February 2017

It was Saturday evening and Proud Camden was himg_2456osting a Camden Rocks All Day event, warming up for the full Camden Rocks festival happening in June. I arrived at 6pm and the door woman wouldn’t let me in, saying my name wasn’t on the guest list. So Scott from Riskee came out to get me and this girl said; “Wow that was so cool, like you just got the lead singer to come out and bring you in!” So got a few rock and roll points there!

Riskee and the Ridicule were at the bar outside, drinking a few beers together, surrounded by a group of friends. I joined on and they introduced me to everyone, it was a really nice group of people and we got on straight away. Quite a few people had travelled from outside of London to see them, which the band really appreciated and it showed their following was growing.

At 8:30pm, Riskee took to the stage and a crowd gathered on the Proud Camden dancefloor, beers in hand. The band kicked off with Hipster when I was at the bar, but I had a great view from the img_2495stage side and could see front man Scott pacing up and down delivering the vocals whilst bassist Dave grooved effortlessly, Jimbo riffed through the song without fault and Matt pounded the drums like his life depended on it.

By the second song in the dancefloor started moving more and by their third song everyone was moshing and more people joined in. I was at the front singing along and when they played ‘Root’ Scott grabbed my hand from the stage and we sang a couple lines together. It gave me a flash back to Undercover Festival last year when they played main support for The Selector; I jumped the barrier and Scott put me in a headlock and we sang ‘Party’ together.

The band played a half hour set and by the last few songs everyone was vibing and dancing together, even though they hadn’t met before. When they finished the last song, everyone started chanting for more and the band almost carried on but the sound man wasn’t having it. A girl next to me grabbed this guy and said ‘Oi you need to demand for Riskee to come back on, chant with me!’ And I cringed because I recognised him as the bassist for the next band on, Popes of Chillitown!

img_2499Next up Popes of Chillitown played an intense set, just as they had done at Rebellion last year. The band have superb arrangements, contagious choruses and their energy spilled into the crowd as it does on a typical Popes set. Lots of people were dancing and my favourite song was ‘Now You’ll Never Know’.

After their set I was invited over to The Monarch with Riskee and the rimg_2470est of the group. The band had mentioned we would all go to an afterparty at Camden Underworld with a DJ set from The Gallows but that never transpired. Instead I ended up having a brilliant night dancing in The Monarch with a bunch of awesome people who I’ve kept in touch with since. Massive thanks to Riskee for such a memorable night!

Don’t forget to check them out on tour this year and in the meantime pick up their new album ‘Blame Culture’.

Paula Frost




Sleaford Mods Interview

‘If you keep going, the right place and right time will always come back around’ – Jason
An interview with viral Nottingham duo who combine realist spoken word with electronic lo-fi sounds. Ahead of their upcoming tour, gig’s with Steve Ignorant of Crass and support slot with The Who in Hyde Park, the self confessed mods gave us the latest news on how it feels to go viral and the importance of following your dreams.

Picture By Photographer Jason Evans (Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys)

Fantastic Negrito, Miraculous Mule – Live at OSLO, Hackney

Fantastic Negrito
Support: Miraculous Mule
Live at OSLO, Hackney
Tuesday 21st February 2017

I sat at the bar of OSLO in Hackney and asked for a lager. They gave me a Pauliner in a tankard I could hardly lift! It was a good end to my working day and a good start to the gig. Soon Fantastic Negrito’s manager came and found me and brought me past security to the backstage area where I found a slightly stressed out Negrito awaiting the bands merch, which had been left at the last venue.

Negrito was introduced to me and I mentioned that we’d met at Radio SOHO last year when he was interviewed there by Pete Paphides. The backstage area had a few guys hanging around on phones chatting and we had nowhere to talk, so Negrito exerted his front man powers and asked them all to leave, which they did immediately and never returned. We sat quietly on a bench in this little room and began the interview. I asked him a few questions about his path in life, musical inspirations and aspirations and about his tragic car accident that had lost him the ability to feel in his right hand, among other things. From the very beginning he seemed humble, almost mystical and looked straight into my eyes, intrigued by my presence.  After seventeen minutes, I shut down the recorder and we just talked for another half hour as strangers finding out about each other.  He told me about how he’d run the streets as a youth and reminisced about smoking his last joint over 15 years ago. He admitted he often feels absent from the reality of what’s going on anyway and so smoking pot wouldn’t do much for him. Then I told him about my drumming and band. I also told him about my idea to travel around the world and film a documentary called ‘Culture Vulture’, dipping into different music scenes, seeing concerts and interviewing bands. He said that it was a brilliant idea and that I was special and he thought I was a hustler, which made me laugh. Soon we heard the support band Miraculous Mule playing their first song onstage so I said goodbye to Fantastic Negrito who seemed in no rush to get rid of me (as I am sometimes conscious of being an interviewer). We’d met and shake hands formerly, we departed with a tight hug. I felt inspired by our meeting and excited for the concert ahead.

Miraculous Mule were a 3-piece, all-male band consisting of drummer Ian Burns, backing singer and bassist Patrick McCarthy and his brother, on lead vocals and guitar, Michael J. Sheehy. Michael is the main songwriter who had previously been in the band Dream City Film Club. They played rock and roll with elements of psych, blues and gospel which was really exhilarating and filled the room with a wall of sound. Patrick wore a fez and Michael had a paisley shirt on giving them a Madness vibe and a bit of a mod edge. I’d recently written an article about them for Vive Le Rock magazine so I knew they had been going since 2011 and were from Kentish Town. I appreciated their set and their lyrics which were at times thoughtful and other times amusing, especially the gospel chants. They played well and people started to get into it towards the end. I hope to see more of this band.

They finished their set and I went down to the bar awaiting Fantastic Negrito and his band taking the stage. When I returned the venue was packed. People were queuing downstairs and paying £19 a ticket to see the American Bluesman. I managed to saunter through the crowd and get to the front. The band were tight as a squeak and Fantastic had incredible stage presence. He was moving around the stage, dancing and interacting with the crowd which was really funny. He knew no bounds as comedian and the audience loved it. They played tones of great songs including ‘Scary Woman’ and ‘Working Poor’ and the band performed effortlessly. When he played ‘An Honest Man’ he told all the men in the audience; “You’re all out there watching me, but you know I’m one thing you will never be. It’s something I had to do for you because you couldn’t do it. And that is to be an honest man.  But I can only do it for about seven minutes.” And the crowd laughed and the band started the song. I was singing it all the way home.

It was the first time I’d seen him with a full band as he’d played at the blues kitchen Camden last time he was in the UK and I saw him perform with his amazing keyboard player. He mentioned backstage that Robert Plant of Lez Zeppelin was a fan and had told him to stick with the keyboard played and he didn’t need a band. Negrito told me; “Yeah but I want to play with a band, I like it!” And after seeing him play I totally agreed that having a band was the way forward. It just added to the energy onstage and the sound overall. I was completely blown away with Fantastic Negrito, his character, stage presence, retro vibe and soulful presence are mesmerising to watch. He will be massive over here. Mark my words.

Paula Frostimg_2541img_2534img_2532