Riskee and the Ridicule & Popes of Chillitown – Live at Proud Camden

Riskee and the Ridicule & Popes of Chillitown
Live at Proud Camden
Saturday 18th February 2017

It was Saturday evening and Proud Camden was himg_2456osting a Camden Rocks All Day event, warming up for the full Camden Rocks festival happening in June. I arrived at 6pm and the door woman wouldn’t let me in, saying my name wasn’t on the guest list. So Scott from Riskee came out to get me and this girl said; “Wow that was so cool, like you just got the lead singer to come out and bring you in!” So got a few rock and roll points there!

Riskee and the Ridicule were at the bar outside, drinking a few beers together, surrounded by a group of friends. I joined on and they introduced me to everyone, it was a really nice group of people and we got on straight away. Quite a few people had travelled from outside of London to see them, which the band really appreciated and it showed their following was growing.

At 8:30pm, Riskee took to the stage and a crowd gathered on the Proud Camden dancefloor, beers in hand. The band kicked off with Hipster when I was at the bar, but I had a great view from the img_2495stage side and could see front man Scott pacing up and down delivering the vocals whilst bassist Dave grooved effortlessly, Jimbo riffed through the song without fault and Matt pounded the drums like his life depended on it.

By the second song in the dancefloor started moving more and by their third song everyone was moshing and more people joined in. I was at the front singing along and when they played ‘Root’ Scott grabbed my hand from the stage and we sang a couple lines together. It gave me a flash back to Undercover Festival last year when they played main support for The Selector; I jumped the barrier and Scott put me in a headlock and we sang ‘Party’ together.

The band played a half hour set and by the last few songs everyone was vibing and dancing together, even though they hadn’t met before. When they finished the last song, everyone started chanting for more and the band almost carried on but the sound man wasn’t having it. A girl next to me grabbed this guy and said ‘Oi you need to demand for Riskee to come back on, chant with me!’ And I cringed because I recognised him as the bassist for the next band on, Popes of Chillitown!

img_2499Next up Popes of Chillitown played an intense set, just as they had done at Rebellion last year. The band have superb arrangements, contagious choruses and their energy spilled into the crowd as it does on a typical Popes set. Lots of people were dancing and my favourite song was ‘Now You’ll Never Know’.

After their set I was invited over to The Monarch with Riskee and the rimg_2470est of the group. The band had mentioned we would all go to an afterparty at Camden Underworld with a DJ set from The Gallows but that never transpired. Instead I ended up having a brilliant night dancing in The Monarch with a bunch of awesome people who I’ve kept in touch with since. Massive thanks to Riskee for such a memorable night!

Don’t forget to check them out on tour this year and in the meantime pick up their new album ‘Blame Culture’.

Paula Frost




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