A night out with The Stranglers

Review: The Stranglers Live at Brighton Dome


It was a Friday night and I’d been working in London at the Vive Le Rock office all day. We’d recently had The Stranglers on the cover of our latest issue so when my band said they were all going to see them in Brighton that night, I asked the editor of the magazine if there was any possibility of me getting guest list and he sorted it out for me. Jammy. I got the train to Brighton and carried on working on my laptop as they’d let me leave the office early. Pulling into Brighton station I walked straight out of the front and saw my band looking very excited. We made our way into town towards Brighton Dome and talked about the night ahead. On the way we found a pub right outside the venue and decided to stop for a pint. Walking in we saw The Ruts sitting at a table together so we decided to give them a copy of our EP. They really appreciated it and came over to chat to us all which was fantastic. We talked about music and gigs, drank our beers and had a picture together. Next up we made our way into the venue and bumped into a few people we knew. First we went straight to the bar for another drink and then made our way into the venue. I got turned away because my ticket was for the balcony whilst everyone else had standing tickets. Anyway I went up to the balcony and watched The Ruts with a couple of other friends. They were amazing and played my favourite song of theirs ‘Babylon is Burning’. I’d had enough of the balcony so went on a little escapade to get into the standing area, it worked and I was reunited with the band! The Stranglers came on and were incredible. All of them wore black and the stage looked unbelievable, with red and black banners and a drum stage made of zagged buildings looking ‘German expressionism’ inspired. They played flawlessly and JJ was on form swaying around the stage and jeering the crowd playfully. A few songs in, they broke into one of their biggest hits ‘Peaches’ and a little later they played my favourite of their songs ‘Golden Brown’. It was heavenly. Towards the end they really picked up the energy and left the stage with the crowd wanting more. After a lot of chanting and feet stomping from the audience, The Stranglers came back on for an encore and played ‘No More Heroes’.  Life made. All in all it was an excellent gig and the band really impressed me. Needless to say we all ended up backstage with The Stranglers and The Ruts after the show and had a brilliant time drinking vodka. JJ gave us a karate lesson and we drank red wine together too because he lives in France and knows loads about wine. Both bands were lovely guys and I was impressed with their level headedness and kindness. They really gave us the time of day and were interested in our band and what we had to say. What a night!

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